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    A condensed shopping list, works for phones running older versions of Android and having limited RAM. Does not require registration or authorization.
    It allows:
    - to create multiple shopping lists and edit them simultaneously from an unlimited number of mobile devices;
    - to create an unlimited number of lists, with unlimited number of items in each list;
    - to set specific parameters for each list, e.g. define if a list is to be used locally on any device or shared for several devices, set users for each list;
    - set a different background color for each items or make it bold;

    * Short-click to edit, or delete item
    * Click "Menu" to create a new list or delete an existing list
    * Swipe left or right to switch between lists
    * Go to Settings to select sorting parameters for items in the lists (alphabetically or by color)

    * Publish a shopping list and open it for access to other users who can then add / edit / delete items:
    1. Menu - > Publish (S icon will appear in the list title);
    2. Menu -> Open Access (you get a PIN valid for 10 minutes);
    3. Send the PIN to other users;
    4. Each user creates a new list and enters a new name and a pin;
    5. If necessary, you can run Update to upload your changes to the server and download the changes made by other users of the same list. Alternatively, you can enable automatic synchronization for all changes.
    You can open access to a list for new users at any time by doing steps 2 through 5.

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