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    Cavalor exist in 2009, 20 Years.

    Cavalor, founded in 1989, celebrates its 20 years anniversary in 2009!

    Cavalor original roots can be found in the agricultural and life sciences markets. But it rapidly shifted its focus towards the equine world and the nutrition, health and care of sport, breeding and recreational horses.

    Over the past 20 years, Cavalor has established a leading position in the equine feed industry as an innovator and knowledge provider. Today the Cavalor products are distributed in more than 45 countries around the world. As of January 1st, 2009 Cavalor has increased its world wide presence by establishing permanent operations on the North American continent with the creation of Cavalor Inc. Until that date, the penetration of Cavalor products in the North American market was minimal with a couple of distributors representing only the supplements and care products in the USA and Canada. The objective of Cavalor Inc. is to make Cavalor a leading brand in the North American market. Its mission is to organize and manage the distribution of Cavalor products, promote and manage the brand, and establish partnerships to locally manufacture the Cavalor products, all in North America.

    Throughout its existence, Cavalor has dedicated a lot of effort and resources to innovation, through pure research, applied research and field testing. This process has allowed Cavalor to gather an incomparable wealth of knowledge that is embedded in products that do really work. Our motto “When the result counts, you count on our knowledge” is derived from those facts. When the results counts, one tries to find the products that work. In the equine world, the products that work can only be based on scientific and experimental knowledge.

    Cavalor comprehensive product line addresses the great diversity of nutritional requirements of the equine world in general and each individual horse in particular. Quality if paramount to Cavalor as well as compliance with FEI and Jockey Club doping standards (since the Cavalor products are used by many competitive riders).

    Every other year, Cavalor organizes the “European Equine Health & Nutrition Congress”, an international event where scientists from around the world come together to share innovative ideas, knowledge, and insight on horse nutrition. This congress is organized in cooperation with the Ghent University, Utrecht University and Wageningen University as well respected European equine nutritionists and researchers.

    Because of the wealth of knowledge and experience that Cavalor has accumulated over the years, it has become a source of reference and advice form many veterinarians. The same is true for top figures in the equestrian sports (such as Jos Lansink, current show jumping World Champion, Eric Lamaze, current show jumping Olympic Champion, Anky Van Grunsven, current dressage World and Olympic Champion, Ann Poels, current reining BQHA World Champion and many others). The champions not only seek products that work but the knowledge that make them work. In Cavalor, they find both.

    And so it goes. After 20 years, the Cavalor research team is still hard at work, looking to continuously improve the feeds, the supplements, and the care products to improve the performance of equine athletes in their prime and contribute to their comfortable retirement after years of generous efforts.

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