The Certified Humane program is improving the lives of millions of farm animals.

    You’ve seen the stories. Chickens packed so tightly into cages that they can’t flap their wings. Pigs are in stalls so tiny that they’re unable to even turn around. Animals are ingesting a steady diet of antibiotics to prevent disease.

    When you buy products with the Certified Humane label, you’re assured that these products come from animals raised to stringent Animal Care Standards.

    Certified Humane standards allow the animals to express their natural behaviors. Chickens can flap their wings, pigs can root, cows can graze, and all farm animals are able to live their lives with the space, shelter, nutrition and the care they need. In addition, the program does not allow feeding a diet of antibiotics or using hormones of any sort.

    Now you can quickly locate stores and restaurants where you can buy certified humane foods near you. Discover Certified Humane foods for your health, for quality, and for the humane treatment of animals.

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