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    Cool River Pizza - Roseville

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    Cool River Pizza - Roseville, located in Roseville, California, is not your average pizza joint. This is because Amy Dimmick is not your average restaurant owner. With her passion for families and community just as strong as her passion for quality food and attention to detail, Cool River has become a favorite hangout in the thriving town of Roseville.

    Cool River was established in 1998 by Amy's brother, Dave Hammett. He has since gone on to expand the Cool River concept and Amy has taken ownership of his first location. "When I started with Cool River back in 2004,the product and concept were already in place and successful. That allowed me to focus on growing relationships with local people and organizations." Amy says. Keeping that strong presence in the community through fundraisers, donations, and an all around love for people is obviously important to Amy.

    Another thing that is important to Amy and her success is her relationship with then Sales Rep George Hennion. For years, George and Roma have been an important factor in this Cool River formula. When she attended her first Pizza Convention, speakers talked about the value of a good relationship with your primary vendor and she was thankful that she already had one of those with George. He doesn’t just take an order and leave. He consistently brings new products and ideas and is there to help her find products to help her menu ideas and projects become a reality. He is also a great sounding boardfor
    things happening with the pizza industry and restaurants in general.

    The delicious pizza, fun ambiance, and warm spirit of Cool River has kept Rosevillians satisfied for years, and with a recipe for success like theirs and continued support from George & Roma, they are sure to continue for years to come.

    Cool River Pizza - Roseville
    1805 Cirby Way
    Roseville, CA