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Counterfeit or Original ? REAL

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    REALFAKE is a guide to recognize a counterfeit from an original object:

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    every week a new guide: ask for your favorite!
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    get back in the news section!

    With a few dollars, you could avoid big disappointments

    Your friend has a clock is a real or a sham?? the wine you're drinking is counterfeit?

    every week a new guide: ask for your favorite!

    You will need:

    - Recognize coins, medicines, food, wine, etc. etc.

    - Helping those who have to buy different kinds of watches, shoes, bags and many other articles

    - You will find the description of the details that will be recognizable to "glance", a real from a fake.

    - English translation function

    - Function "tells us" by sending photos, suggestions, comments or request a guide!

    - Function Products Gallery: photo gallery

    "" "" NEW WEEKLY GUIDE "" ""


    1. Click on the icon

    2. wait loading

    3. HOME button: a list of guides, scroll down to load the updates, scroll up to view the guides
    - Click the guide you want and scroll up and down '.
    - In the lower right bar express your opinion and / or share on twitter, facebook or send via email
    - In the upper right button (like a compass), once the page loads, allows you to: enlarge, research guides, comment
    - The middle button: opens the page with Safari

    4. button English: same as the HOME (see point 3)

    5. key message: it communicates with us! top left (camera icon) allows you to take or choose a photo from your library to send to our address

    6. key new fashion: fashion blogs (for now English)

    Note: the upgrade will put a list of Italian blogs

    7. key albums: photo gallery

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