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    CraigSmart is an Android app that interfaces with the live site, offering convenient features in addition to what's already possible on their website.

    NOTE: this is a version 0.9 BETA. You will probably encounter bugs. For all reports on bugs and feature suggestions, please post them in This site features a mobile skin designed for smartphones. The goal is to evolve this app heavily based on user feedback. I will do my best to accommodate these requests.

    Some of the features:

    - "Buy" tab gives you options to look for the items you want. Similar to options offered by the website.
    - "Sell" tab offers users to place posts on website without any pre-registration. Large photos will be automatically resized.
    - "Favorites" tab displays all items previously selected as favorites (by clicking on the star).
    - "Agents" tab displays all agents you may have saved in the past. An agent represent a search with user-defined parameters. CraigSmart will remember when it was automatically scanned (and optionally notified) and also when you have visited manually.
    - Notifications will be generated (you can turn it off) when CraigSmart finds new items that match your search criteria, as defined in the agents. You can define the frequency of each agent scans individually, or globally turn all agents on/off.

    - "email sent" indicator is displayed next to items that you already sent e-mail to.
    - CraigSmart utilizes cache heavily. Contents are stored in SDCARD and you can set the limit on the size if you wish.
    - Multiple font sizes.
    - Optionally scan for new items only when connected via WiFi and/or being charged.
    - CraigSmart will remember the last time when you performed a specific search defined by an agent. This will allow CraigSmart to identify and mark new items since the last visit.
    - Detects phone numbers in posts and links them directly to your phone app.

    and many many more.

    - You will need a SDCARD in your device.

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