DigiScout Shoppinglist




    At first we wanted to develope a rather easy to use application that will turn your mobile phone into a shoppinglist - and it should be as easy as a real one.

    Well, we succeeded! - You can create your own item list, add and remove items that later you can transfer into the shopping list. You may save your shopinglist and later then reload it if you want. So you can plan ahead or have a look at what you got before. You add or remove your items from your shoppinglist jsut by clicking on it.

    When you close this application the last given state is being stored so that you are right at the point when you start it again.

    Using the info-button (DigiScout Logo with the "i") you will get to the impressum where you can chose between erman, Engish, Dutch, and "- ? -" - your own language that you may want to change the titles and button names to. Just click on "change" and you can click through the menus where you can make the changes.