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    Our discount calculator helps you in many different ways when shopping.
    The discount calculator can calculate the money you save when the store has a sale and gives a percentage discount on certain products. Simply enter the original price and percentage of the discount and you already know how much you save.
    For countries where the tax is not included in the price on the tag the sales tax can also be considered.
    In the case that you buy more than one item with the same discount an integrated pocket calculator helps you to calculate the total amount as subject for discount.
    This discount calculator can also be used as a simple percentage calculator.
    You can use the discount calculator also as a tool to estimate the bill of the goods in the shopping cart before you go to the check out counter. To do so use the pocket calculator and multiply the price of each item with the amount you want to purchase and add them.
    Another way to use the discount calculator is to use it as a simple tax calculator. This is very useful when traveling in countries (i. e. USA, Canada) where only the net price (w/o VAT) is shown on the price tag and the toal amount to pay is added when you get the bill for your pucchase at the check out counter.
    In the preferences menu you can set your tax percentage (if applicable) and also a default discount percentage. These values are taken over at every start of the app.


    Please enter first the original price in the line "Price". If you have more items with the same discount you can calculate the total price before discount by using the calculator. A new page opens after pressing the Calculator button. Here you can calculate the total price. When finished press "Submit" and you return to the main page and the calculated number is taken over.
    Now you can adjust the discount percentage "Discount %" either with the button "+" to increase or "-" to decrease the discount. You can also enter the percentage directly.
    It is also possible to enter percentage of the tax. That has to be done when shopping in countries (i. e. USA, Canada) where the tax is not included in the amount at the price tag . In countries where it is included please leave it at zero %
    Below you will see the "Final Price" you have to pay and the money "You Save".
    By pessing "Reset" all values will return to default.

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