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    Goody is for shopping freaks who never wants to miss anything. Now Goody has made their life more colorful and easier as they can have list of all the latest offers up to 10 km of radius on their smart phones.

    How it works
    • Mobile Application
    Goody will get your location and shows you the best on-going offers around you. You can set the radius i.e. if you set the radius to 2, then it will show the offers maximum of 2 km distance from your location. Moreover, if you leave the application running then it will keep on checking offers and will notify you if a new offer arrives.
    • Web Application
    Web Application is for vendors. By logging in a vendor can create his own profile (right now you just need to add vendor's name), after that a vendor can add his offers and there exact location from the map.

    Required credentials

    Demo Username: admin
    Demo Password: 123456
    Demo URL: (A new development server)

    • Mobile Application
    - You can see all the available best deals in town. No need to check every single website for your favorite products.
    - You can get benefits by availing the offers and sending the coupon information.
    - You can share it with your friends by face book, twitter or email.

    • Web Application

    - Good opportunity of advertisement for vendors.
    - No need of extra pamphlets for new offers.

    Note: Please note that this a demo version of our application and for testing purpose. Full version will be available soon.

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