Grocery List Minder

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    Builds your grocery list automatically.

    •Have you ever gone to the supermarket only to realize you forgot your grocery list at home?

    •Tired of fumbling with paper and pen in the supermarket isles?

    •Tired of coming home only to realize you've forgotten something on your grocery list?

    •Tired of unpacking groceries only to realize you bought another dozen eggs by mistake?

    •Tired of getting to the supermarket only to realize you can't read half of what someone else has written on the list?

    •Tired of making multiple calls for clarification to your significant other?

    The Grocery List Minder solves all this and more.

    •Automatically builds your grocery list for you based on consumption habits, saving you the time required to take inventory of items missing from your household.

    •Automatic notification when grocery items are ready to be purchased, and have been added to your grocery list.

    •Send your grocery list to anyone (with or without a mobile device), via email.

    •Create a Hot List for unscheduled one off grocery shopping.

    •Makes adding, deleting and editing grocery items a cinch.

    •Backup/Restore your grocery data.

    •Detailed product information (including Brand) allowing for easier item location, purchase quantity, and item identification.

    •Easy view of items that should be purchased soon, allowing you to add them to your current shopping list, thereby saving you an extra trip to the supermarket.

    •Simple and easy to use.

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