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    Use the most popular classifieds application in Canada and find tons of offers on local items: search for cars, real estate, clothing and more. Buying and selling new or used vehicles, electronics and more is easy with Kijiji!

    Discover local buyers and sellers and shops in hundreds of categories. Search new & used vehicles from a wide local selection. Search homes and apartments for sale nearby or all throughout Canada. There is always an opportunity to save money, make money and find great items in your area when shopping on Kijiji!

    Features of Kijiji:

    Buy and Sell Locally
    - Cars in your local area! Search, buy and sell from a huge selection of vehicles
    - Buy and sell in more than 100 categories, such as new and used cars and real estate
    - Shop for new or used items, and find services and jobs
    - Buy sellers near you by filtering the results of your searches
    - Shop while having easy access to your recent recent searches

    Post and Share Ads
    - Browse classifieds and find services, job postings, child care spaces and community events
    - Ads can easily be published by including photos directly imported from your phone or tablet
    - Manage your ads - View, edit, delete and promote your ads
    - Ads (including yours!) can be shared with your friends and members of your social networks

    Manage Your Kijiji Account
    - Shop with one account – sync your account with the app!
    - Buy and sell, search and more all in one app!
    - Reply to local sellers by email or call them directly on the app!

    Browse categories:
    Cars / Vehicles
    - Buy new and used cars
    - Find deals on cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles
    - Car parts for cheap
    - Buy and sell motorcycle equipment

    New and Used Items
    - Deals on new and used electronics, furniture and more
    - Buy everything from books to classic movies to the sporting goods you need
    - Clothing – Children, women and men
    - Furniture – Couches, chairs, tables and more

    Real Estate
    - Find homes for sale and for rent
    - Search and find houses, condos and apartments for rent in your area
    - Real estate – Find homes, land and more for sale

    - Adopt pets from reputable shelters or breeders
    - Find clothing for dogs, cats and more

    Local Jobs
    - Job search should not be difficult – so make it easy with Kijiji!
    - Browse classifieds and start working the job of your dreams!

    Save money when you shop on Kijiji, Canada's #1 app for classifieds. Buy and sell new or used items from hundreds of categories and find the best deals on the items you need. Find great homes for sale or find the perfect apartment. Connect with your local community when shopping on Kijiji.

    Download the Kijiji App today and start shopping!

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    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Jan 13, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    Outstanding service

    Henry West

    by Henry West

    Jan 13, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    Easy to sort and view.

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Jan 13, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    Good app

    Bill Mccormick

    by Bill Mccormick

    Jan 13, 2018  |  "Poor"

    still have a lot of time to get it

    Adam Elmasry

    by Adam Elmasry

    Jan 13, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    Great app

    Chelsea Lindzon

    by Chelsea Lindzon

    Jan 13, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    Awesome possum