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    Instilling a love for learning and exploration early in a child’s life is crucial for a bright future. Education is important to instill confidence and problem-solving skills in your boy or girl. With the educational toys from, we make it easy for you to give your kids a fun and encouraging learning experience. We provide everything they need for their academic futures. (Glasses, beards, and pocket protectors not included.)

    It’s been said that many young adults can’t find Iraq or Indonesia on a map of the world. Now you can put your kids ahead of the class with the educational toys at Our spinning globes, motorized solar systems, and space theater planetariums will help you and your child get a better
    picture of our place in the universe.

    We also carry high-quality microscopes and telescopes for the little picture and big picture students. Our selection of icroscope slides gives your child a peek into the secret lives of algae, starch, fungus, synthetic fibers, and more. Onions make great microscope slides; you’ll be able to see the individual cells that make up the skin and roots. Our collection of scientific educational toys also includes many science experiments to grow crystals, build your own robot, make volcanoes, and construct complex electronic circuit boards.

    Magnetic poetry and journals are perfect educational toys for your future liberal arts major. Creating refrigerator haiku and recording them in brightly colored lock-and-key journals make reading and writing tons of fun. A high literacy rate is extremely important in learning how to express yourself well, and communicate effectively with everyone around you. The best thing about learning how to write well with our educational toys is that you’ll never be bored; with just a pen and paper, you can create whole new universes, epic battles, romance stories, philosophical theses, and infinite other possibilities just by knowing how to use your mind.

    Whether your child is a future Einstein or Galileo, we have all the educational toys they could need to begin their academic journey. The only thing we don’t offer is the diploma.

    Shopping List-Learning & Education

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