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    Lets face it you like your liquor, and your constantly trying out new ones down at the bar. Then its party time, and someone (you) needs to go liquor shopping, but you have no idea what to buy! Well my friend that's where the handy 'Liquor Cabinet' comes in! Keep track of all those different liquors and liqueurs you've had and remember the good ones, and forget the bad. Now next time your shopping you won't have to worry about buying bad liquor!

    If you want to record more than the basics, or simply want to thank us for the hard work and time put into this app. Then please purchase the full version it has more features, and will be updated with user requests over time!

    Free version lets you record:
    - Liquor Name
    - Liquor Type
    - Country of origin
    - Personal comments
    - Rating

    Check out the full version for even more great features!

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