The LocalSocial customer app showcases the LocalSocial in-store engagement platform for retailers, merchants and venue-owners. Using the app, retailers can trigger greetings, rewards, and relevant offers for visitors when they are in-store. We use beacons (such as Apple iBeacon) to trigger the engagements. Retailers manage their shops, zones, rewards, and analytics online at

    LocalSocial an in-store engagement platform that uses Bluetooth Smart / iBeacons (among other things) to power various mobile interactions when in a store or venue. These include triggering greetings on arrival, providing product information for the products nearest to you, triggering contextual offers ("Pasta offers in the pasta aisle"), delivering loyalty points "just for walking in" and more. The system collects detailed analytics around customer behaviour that can be turned in to actionable insights for the retailer, merchandiser and mobile marketing folks. In essence, it provides eCommerce style "science" for real-world locations.

    We have built out a full stack platform that comprises Apps (iOS and Android), Mobile Libraries (iOS and Android), Open API and Cloud based CMS to manage Beacons, Locations, Offers, Loyalty and more. It's all white-label ready, and backward compatible with all forms of Beacons (QR, NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.).

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