Load Coupons worth $100's in savings directly to your MARTIN'S BONUSCARD
    - Hundreds of coupons, no clipping required.
    - Includes coupons personalized for you with savings on the items you buy the most.
    - Keep an eye out for Free Day Coupons!

    Simplify your shopping trip
    - Find your nearest MARTIN'S store or gas station to redeem your rewards.
    - Track your savings and rewards balances.
    - Save space on your keychain and scan your MARTIN'S BONUSCARD from the app at checkout.
    - Save space on your keychain by adding your MARTIN'S BONUSCARD to Google Pay.

    View the Weekly Circular
    - Plan your shopping trip.
    - Add items from the circular to your shopping list and check them off as you shop.
    - Load Coupons to your MARTIN'S BONUSCARD right from the pages of the circular.
    - See what seasonal deliciousness is in store this week.
    - Get an early sneak peek at next week's circular.

    Get recipe-inspired
    - Browse hundreds of recipes for every meal and all occasions.
    - Save your family's favorites.
    - Create weekly meal plans.

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