my Daily Shopping Lists




    Its' a Shopping List, To-Do List in a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use app for doing the daily shopping for all purposes everywhere and at anytime.
    With "My daily Shopping Lists", your Shopping List is simple, clear and clean that you take with you everywhere you go.
    it's allways uptodate with your shopping wishlist relative to your needs.
    you'll have it on-hand once you're ready to go shopping in your city or abroad during holidays.
    The Products catalog allows you keep track of your commun and very used and baught items (like kitchen, bathroom and even garden items, etc...).
    Based on your experience and what you have at home and needs you keep it clean and uptodate to be ready shopping without forgeting any registred items at your Mobile.
    We wanted it simple at it's first version, many features are programed and your feedback and support are essential.

    *** underconstruction Features ***

    - create personalized Products catalog for daily use,
    - create personalized Products catalog for your pets,
    - create personalized Products catalog for your programmed Events and Parties
    - create personalized Products catalog for your souvenirs to buy during your planned holidays abroad .
    - ...
    - archive all checkedout Carts by category and dates
    - add shopping stores references
    - compare lists by store, prices and stores
    - etc...
    Your constant use is prefered and your feedback is welcome to add more ones to the above options based on your experience and practicle use.
    We wish you a good trip with "My daily Shopping Lists".
    Your recommendations are welcome with our warm and anticipated thanks.