My Shopping Lists

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    Ad free and 4 times the storage capacity of the free version. Twice the lists and twice the number of items.

    With the cost of fuel constantly rising, every journey should count and I am fed up with forgetting that one essential item when I am at the shops. With this app you can add items to user defined shopping lists as you remember them and then take it with you in your phone or tablet. The My Shopping List app stores lists in a database and you can add up to 48 items per list. You can set the look of the app by choosing from one of four themes and it has an intuitive interface for adding items, quantities and the units. Easily cross of items at a single click or long click to delete them. Changes are stored in the database so you use other apps or turn the phone off and you pick up from where you left off. There is no reliance on a remote server and no data is transmitted over the internet so you have total control over privacy. Easily clear the database with one button.