Are you getting married or having birthday soon? Or should you celebrate something and need a place to gather your wishes in a wish lists. On Onskelisten you can easily create your wish lists and share it with others.

    Often you also come across things you want or need, but forget all about them the moment after... and you haven't written them down. - Then it's nice to have your wish lists available on you mobile, so you can send it to friends and family when needed.

    Use our application to record your wishes. Remember to share your wish list on Facebook when the occasion is approaching.

    New! Now you can add your friends and family, so you can see their wishes - and that they can easily see your wishes.

    What does actually "Onskelisten" mean?
    The word "Onskelisten" is Norwegian and means wish list. Since Santa Claus is from the North Pole, and it is natural to believe that the language at the North Pole is Norwegian, the name choice fell on "Onskelisten".

    Onskelisten is written with the norwegian letter "Ø" and pronunced: [ˈœnskəˌlɪstņ]

    # Features:
    * Completely free!
    * Create wish lists and store your wishes on the go.
    * Share your wishlists with no one, friends, family or everybody; Its up to you.
    * You can easily share through Facebook and email
    * You can make your list(s) private and then only the person(s) you invite can see your list(s).
    * Multilingual; and more languages will be added.

    Wish list, wishes, christmas, married, wedding, gifts, presents, birthday, sharing

    - Needed to use all the basic functionality.
    - Needed to launch and use the contact manager.

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