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    How can blinding and distracting motorists with a searing flash from photo radar cameras make our roads any safer?

    With the yellow light timing cycles at some intersections being shortened for profit, how does this improve anyones safety? As you drive, your personal information is being recorded and stored whether an infraction has occured or not.

    Who is in control of your personal information and what is being done with it?

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    It is easy to prove that photo enforcement cameras are nothing more than a revenue generation scheme and does not immediately deter motorists from speeding. For example, when a motorist who is accused of driving over the speed limit by a photo enforcement camera system, the driver may continue at that excessive speed long before the infringement notice arrives to indicate that the drivers behaviour was dangerous. A law enforcement officer can immediately determine if a motorist is traveling at a reasonable and prudent speed.

    Photo enforcement tickets can take anywhere from one week to two months to arrive or if ever. A motorists may have nothing to indicate that their license may have been possibly suspended without any notice. The speed camera has not achieved its stated claim to slow this motorist down, but is collecting money in fines long after the incident instead of stopping a dangerous situation as it occurs.

    In Traffic Court, if an accused motorist contests a photo enforcement ticket, this generally requires two appearances. One to plead not guilty and second for the trial. If you do appear in person to plead not guilty, the traffic courts may require you to enter your plea last, inconveniencing you to the maximum. You will be required to return to court for a trial. The two days' wages lost during these separate appearances amounts to more than the traffic fine for most people. This is why few accused motorists ever bother to fight their citation and is why the majority of motorists accused simply pay up.

    Photo Radar Cameras have produced mixed results with hundreds of thousands of motorists accused of infractions based on misreads by the various camera system employees or incorrect information in the database. The system has also cited millions of motorists over routine paperwork errors.

    If speed cameras were truly about road safety, then answer these questions for yourself.

    If the photo radar camera program is designed for safer driving, why is there an increase in the amount of fines and revenue collected each year? Surely the purpose of a speed camera program would be to have ZERO fines, but it's the opposite. They forecast higher revenue every year. This alone shows that the photo radar camera program is FAILING at what it's apparently supposed to do.

    Instead of making dangerous conditions safer, (repairing hazardous intersections, constructing guard rails, or extending yellow light timing cycles), when they can mount a photo enforcement camera and MAKE money off of you instead!

    If photo enforcement tickets are not about revenue generation, then will the private companies be happy if every year their huge profits from photo enforcement fines decrease, reducing their revenues from photo radar tickets?

    If photo radar cameras and red light cameras were really about safety, then why are they often hidden from view and strategically placed not in high accident areas, or school zones, but at the bottom of hills, or immediately after a speed limit change sign. Given the large number of inaccurate speed camera stories, it's no wonder the motoring public is fed up with it.

    Protect you privacy and hard earned money with the PlateHood

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