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    PATENTS NO. 8,533,097 - 8,655,771 - 9,892,445 - 10,019,745 and application No. 15/859,179 COPYRIGHT 2009-2018, all rights reserved.


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    Using our patented Real-time bidding technology advertisers can be engaged in a unattended, instantaneous, on demand, real time, price or bid competition on the products or services they provide such as new cars, oil change, hair cut, car wash, hotels, attorneys, real estate agents, restaurants, pharmacies, car rentals, auto leasing, loans, tickets, home Insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, boats, ATV's, RV's, apartment rentals, liquor, contractors, and many more.

    Merchants and service providers can set their own pricing/biding parameters and deposit them in our database e.g. a maximum price/bid, a minimum price/bid, a percentage for how low they want their price/bid to go under or over the closest competitor, maximum and minimum bids and other parameters, this way they do not need to advertise their bottom line price/bids across the board all of the time; using Price Setter their prices/bids adjust automatically up or down only when and if necessary and only for each specific transaction not permanently, in response to who their competition is and what their prices are at the moment the buyer requests a price/bid, a real win-win deal.

    The prices/bids displayed by merchants and service providers on traditional price comparison shopping apps., websites and marketplaces are linked to their independent websites, meaning that in order to be competitive in a comparison shopping application, website or marketplace their prices will also have to be low on their own store websites; this is is not a good thing for Sellers because many shoppers who do not use comparison shopping and buy their products or services directly from a Seller's independent store website are paying a discounted price even without having to shop around. This way the losers are small business owners who sell with little or no profit, and the winners are buyers who can actually afford to pay more as they do not hunt for bargains but who buy at the discounted prices because the opportunity is there. The real bargain hunters or price conscious shoppers are who get the most benefit using an application integrated with our price competition platform because Sellers who advertise on these applications can afford to set their bottom price competing parameter to beat competitor's prices on the spot.

    Test the DEMO categories featured on this DEMO application. Follow the instructions on each of the application screens. Interesting updates coming soon.

    Other features covered by our patent include electronic coupons, variable value coupons, deals, ads, digital wallets, shopping lists, code scanners, loyalty cards, GPS, NFC, and more.

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