PriceBuster II




    The original PriceBuster proved the concept that you CAN get something for nothing. This completely rebuilt PriceBuster II does it better and faster. (We would claim cheaper also, except that both apps are free!)

    Yesterday, I found an item at my local Bed Bath & Beyond store which I thought I could only get online. It was priced at $43.99. I took out my phone and scanned the bar code with PriceBuster. Lo and behold, it found me a price of $26.99. The store matched the price, saving me $17.00 - all for just a few taps on my phone.
    That's when I realized it was time to re-do the original PriceBuster.

    A quick look at the stats and a review of search results showed that the local search function was not being supported well by the provider. I couldn't remember the last time the local search saved me any money either, so the decision was made to drop it from the app.

    Next the web and Amazon searches were tested and optimized.
    The results are fewer screen taps, faster results and no crashes or ANRs at all.

    Go ahead and try it. It's free, and it can only save you money. It saved me $17.00 on one item I needed yesterday.

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