QControl is the app needed as a go4q retailer.

    SEE – SCAN - SMILE with GO4Q mobile shopping

    GO4Q turns shopping windows, ads or info screens into an additional vending surface. GO4Q – mobile shopping is based on standardized Order Codes, referencing a specific product. Retailers keen to GO4Q simply register at They are immediately enabled to produce their own Order Codes which might be placed at will.

    A stroller SEEing a GO4Q referenced product has to merely SCAN the Order Code with his smartphone. Immediately he gets more details and, if still attracted, confirms the purchase, using his GO4Q Security PIN. What's left is happiness and SMILE while anticipating delivery.

    The GO4Q background process forwards the order and shipping address to the respective retailer to assume fulfillment. Payment is guaranteed by GO4Q and will be done after confirmation of shipmen. GO4Q is free of charge for customers.

    GO4Q suits all retailers striving for more vending surface and turnover. GO4Q overrules restrictions like available shelf space or opening hours. GO4Q is risk free because remuneration is determined by turnover effectively made. GO4Q – mobile shopping – and get your customers the SEE - SCAN - SMILE experience