QTerminal is the app for retailers and thus the counterpart to GO4Q for customers

    The free apps QTerminal and GO4Q make your customers' digital lives a bit easier - and their smartphones an all-rounder!

    QTerminal allows traders to devalue digital coupons, vouchers, collection-codes and more in a quick and easy way. Therefore, the corresponding QR code is scanned directly from the customer smartphones screen. This way, the apps for clients (GO4Q) and the merchant App (QTerminal) are interconnected.

    The new version of QTerminal can do even more. With QTerminal, mobile payments can be accepted, immediately. All you need to do is to select the cashier, enter the receipt number and the amount. With a single click, QTerminal then generates the appropriate payment code. This code is then simply scanned by the customer using GO4Q, directly from the dealers devices’ display (Android phone or tablet) - this way mobile payment becomes quick and safe.

    Merchants therefore don’t need more than a smartphone or tablet to immediately offer mobile payments and more with GO4Q. Mobile commerce has never been so simple, quick and inexpensive to implement.

    GO4Q is straightforward. GO4Q is continuous. GO4Q is ready.

    GO4Q - and your phone can do more!