Payment Made Simple

    QU MOBILE (read as qü ) is a revolutionary application that redefines convenience. It is a revolutionary (did we already mention revolutionary?) secured prepaid payment solution with endless possibilities. Unlike any other prepaid payment solution, it provides you with a whole new payment, personal fund management, shopping, and lifestyle experience. It essentially is an e-Wallet with endless usage possibilities.

    Unlike any other prepaid system, QU MOBILE has a unique ID that will enable you to track your expenses, helping you maximize your budget, because when you know exactly where you’re spending, you know exactly where you’re saving.

    Cool! So you can track your expenses. QU MOBILE turns your phone into a “SmartWallet”. You will be able to do all the things you can do with your QU MOBILE and more. In the app, you will also receive your QR Code (Hint. Hint. Name of the card) with all your membership information. So if you forget your wallet, you can still shop with your phone. So, exactly how secure is it? If you lose your phone or if someone copies your QR code? No problem. They do not have your security pin. Unlike some RFID cards, no money information in stored in your card or phone. So if you lose your QU CARD or your phone, you will not lose your money. Hang on! That is so much more secure than Cash or Credit Card! COOL, right?!

    QU MOBILE application allows you to see latest promotions and activities when you are away from your computer.

    Frequently Ask Questions

    01. What is “Qu” card?
    “QU” is a pre-paid that can be used to buy meals from KFC outlets in Malaysia.

    02. Where can I purchase the “QU” Card?
    You can purchase them at any KFC outlet.

    03. How do I activate “QU” card?
    If you are activating your account with a phone, please refer to the additional instruction card title “Activate my “QU”. If you choose to activate via the internet, please log on to and click activate me for further instructions.

    04. What do I get out of it?
    Points to redeem for meals, credits and even win fabulous prizes. More excitement awaits!

    05. Besides collecting points, what are the other benefits of this program?
    There will be an “QU” advance ordering kiosk to speed up ordering and payment.

    06. How do I collect my points?
    You can collect “QU” points at all KFC outlets with any purchase of meal, drinks and dessert.

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