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    Published: 2012-07-02, by Peter Warrior.

    An app to manage your online sales.

    • Usefulness
    • Easiness
    • Facebook integration
    • Quick marketplace added value (chat, map)
    • Only works in the US
    • Doesn't work in tablets.


    This app serves to a very practical purpose: to make your life easier regarding eBay, Craiglist and Facebook. It isn't a social manager as we can be used to, but a useful tool to manage your stuff for sale and share your bargains across the social media. This way, with just a few taps you can have your gear, jalopy and gadgets ready to be sold. Take a pic of the item (or pick it from Dropbox) and follow the instructions therein.

    Although apps linking to either eBay and Craiglist are quite a few, there aren't too many working on both of them at once, and much less with Facebook integration, which may be the best feature QUICK has to offer. In addition, this app also works with barcodes, so if you aren't selling your granma's jewelry you can let the app read the barcode and upload a standard product description. About the aforementioned Facebook integration, it gives you the chance to be somehow creative when selling products with discounts to your Facebook friends (or fans, hereby a nice idea for shops and companies). If you are more into eBay, there are some templates to save time. Nice touch. Likewise, user interface is sober but optimized, so you can browse quickly from there to then and there aren't hidden options or menus.

    QUICK also has its own marketplace. Maybe it isn't as well known as eBay or CL, but as you can post on the three at the same time, there's no hurt in trying and has some interesting features such as a in-app chat or a map. In the end, the more your stuff gets exposed, the faster will be sold, doesn't it?. As a little drawback, it doesn't support landscape mode (you won't miss it anyway) and it sometimes takes several seconds to load something, though we don't know if it's on account of the app, the web or what. We would also expect to work with Pinterest in the near future.

    In short, if you are already a user of eBay or Craiglist (or or are planning to become one, this app will definitive make your life much easier. Otherwise, maybe it's time you start to pry on your attic, who knows if your next holidays trip will be paid thanks to stuff long time lost there...

    Seriously though, we expected a much more simple app and what we found is a comprehensive and pragmatic app, well thought both for users or wanna-be users of online marketplaces.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jul 02, 2012


    Easily sell stuff for free on Craigslist, eBay, Twitter & Quickable Marketplace and give Facebook friends a special Friends Only Price - all in less than 60 seconds! Shop, browse and discover thousands of great deals from across the nation and the best local sales in your neighborhood. Connect with buyers and sellers, using real-time chat.

    Sell Stuff

    ☆ Sell on Quickable Marketplace, sell on Facebook, sell on Twitter, sell on eBay and sell on Craigslist on the Quickable Android free app.

    ☆ It’s simple! In under a minute sell your books, games, cars, art, clothes, DVDs, CDs, videos, jewelry, electronics, phones, computers, TVs & even your house! Just add photos, a few details, then we will provide the description automatically for you.

    Shop and Discover Great Deals

    ☆ Shop for great deals and discover local sales across all your favorite categories including cars and motors, phones, books, computer games, baby & kids, household, clothes, pets and sporting goods.

    ☆ Save up to 65% on Jessica Simpson Collection clothes and shoes

    ☆ It’s easy! Buy stuff from anywhere using PayPal and get it shipped directly to you, or meet locally to complete the sale. Use real-time photo chat to confirm all the details with the seller. Yard sales, classifieds apps, garage sales, thrift stores and classifieds will soon be no more!

    ☆Celebrating something special? Buy gifts on Quickable.

    Quickable's Extended Features

    ✓ Bored of classifieds text? Add unlimited photos
    ✓ GPS to find the best local sales
    ✓ Connect with buyers and sellers using photo chat
    ✓ Buy it now, or bargain and make an offer
    ✓ Built-in barcode scanner for quick listings
    ✓ Safe transactions using PayPal
    ✓ Keeps your data and personal details secure
    ✓ Sell on Craigslist, eBay, Twitter & Facebook
    ✓ Save 65% on the Jessica Simpson Collection Outlet

    Quickable For Business & Power Sellers

    ✓ Free unlimited eBay photo and image hosting
    ✓ Create custom eBay templates
    ✓ Include unique Craigslist footers
    ✓ Share on Facebook business timelines
    ✓ List online via the website

    Praise For Quickable

    ★★★★★ Boston Globe "Quickable is a simple, attractive online retail service...With an elegant interface and efficient design, Quickable looks like an ideal app for one-to-one retailing"

    ★★★★★ All "Its developers pursued an Android-first strategy, and users...can offer special prices to their Facebook friends"

    ★★★★★ "Top 50 App For Parents & Top 5 Shopping App"

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