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    Make shopping trips more enjoyable with Rainbow - a collaborative shopping list and grocery list app.

    Rainbow supports sharing and syncing for free. It comes with an Artificial Intelligence component that predicts your future shopping lists. Create and share grocery shopping lists with friends and family for absolutely free by using Rainbow Shopping List. Shopping Lists are synchronized across devices instantly as changes happen.

    This app also can link to Rainbow Compare - a unit price calculator app.

    Add items via bar codes, speech or the traditional way. Say goodbye to having to press the mic button every time you want to add one single item. The burst-mode speech recognition allows you to add multiples items by speaking continuously to your phone.

    Take a photo and attach it to the item.
    Add a time reminder. Add a location reminder. Add a "space-time" reminder. Get reminded when you're at the right place at the right time. This is the only shopping list you will ever need.

    Tired of making your own grocery shopping list? Have Rainbow List's AI (Artificial Intelligence) compile the list for you instead. The Rainbow AI understands and internalizes your buying decisions and make predictions of what would you most likely to buy.

    What are you waiting for? Get it now and let's go shopping!

    ======= Features =======
    * Sync and share for FREE
    * Powerful edit mode allows you to make changes to multiple items at the same time
    * AI with basic prediction capability
    * Speech recognition (burst mode)
    * Barcode scanning
    * Add photo to individual item
    * Add note to individual item
    * Unit price comparison
    * Search
    * and MORE!


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