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    How can you use Rate&Goods? (ಠ_ಠ)
    Take any product or its package;
    Find the barcode, QR code or excise stamp on alcohol products;
    Scan the barcode with Rate&Goods scanner.
    You get instant access to the wonderful world full of prices and customer reviews on products.
    You're awesome — that’s why you should share your opinion with other users on what was a pack of common frozen vegetables from Auchan just a second ago!
    Yes, we have such barcodes as well ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ /¯

    Rate&Goods is:
    Instant searchvia the online barcode and QR code scanner ;
    12 million of products. There is everything, even goods from China;
    Honest reviews from real consumers;
    News from friends and your subscriptions;
    Expert recommendations;
    Roscontrol and Roskachestvo. The ingredients and quality of food under professional supervision!
    Alcohol products quality check with EGAIS. The excise stamp will show counterfeit or illegal alcohol. A real anti-counterfeit instrument in your hands: just find the treasured excise QR scanner;
    Shopping list with the opportunity to share it with friends;
    The opportunity to add new products to the database, as well as food prices in different stores, the shops themselves and supermarkets;
    The great chance to share your experience and give useful advice to the Rate&Goods community, as well as share links to products on social networks

    In addition to product reviews, you can see prices (including discounts and promotions) on food, photos from customers and stores throughout Russia.
    In Rate&Goods there is everything — groceries, canned food, jam, other food, smartphones, medicines and kids toys, clothing and sometimes even car parts.
    Create a shopping list and and add useful food products — without counterfeiting, poor quality and unscrupulous producers.
    We also collect the ingredients of the products. This will help you to build a healthy diet.
    Rate&Goods is a real assistant for shopping and the most needed app for shopping, it helps to save money and choose only the best products!
    The application is also suitable for a secret buyer: create a list of products and add prices.

    In the In Rate&Goods Catalogue there are products from any trading network or grocery store in the following cities:
    St. Petersburg
    Nizhny Novgorod

    The largest retail chains of food products: Perekrestok, Pyaterochka, Dixi, Magnet, 7 continent, Fragrant world, Red and White, Billa, METRO, SPAR, Polushka, Avoska, Miratorg, Azbuka Vkusa, Almi, ATAK, Lenta, Magnolia, Carousel, OK and many others.
    Cosmetics and health: Ile de Bote, Optima, Rive Gauche, Yves Rocher, L'etoile, L'Occitane etc.
    Electronics: Mvideo, Eldorado, MediaMarkt, Citylink, Yulmart, Oldi, CSN and others.
    Drugstores: Rigla, Gorzdrav, Evalar, 36.6, Samson-Pharma, Stolichki, A5.

    Can’t scan a barcode? Let us know: We’ll help!

    Join us, write interesting reviews, get the gratitude of your friends and become a recognized expert in the community of those who choose products wisely.
    If you like our application, give us a positive evaluation. This really means a lot to us!
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