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    Sacramento Area Discount Card offers our members the most exciting and interactive advertising program available in the entire Sacramento area. Local businesses will be offering Special Discounts and Promotions to SADC members .

    We also support a Local Area, "Deal of the Day" money saving program where local merchants are offering huge discounts from 25% to 90% off their normal price. Please join: to see what Special Buys you can take advantage! We will send you the Daily Deals right to your email account where you can decide if the Deal is right for you.

    Discount coupons have been traditionally associated with coupon clipping and scouring newspapers, circulars and coupon books, but offers an easier way to access many different types of discount coupons available to our members right from our website. Instead of coupon clipping or searching the internet, members can simply visit from your Pc or Mobile Device to find local discounts and then use their Sacramento Area Discount Card to save money!

    Just visit daily to see what discounts are available... visit the business offering the special discounted offer and show the business your Sacramento Area Discount Card to get your discount. It's that simple. And the best part... is that the Sacramento Area Discount Card is totally "FREE" for life! Tell a friend, co-worker or family member to join and start saving money!
    If you live in the Sacramento, CA area please visit and become a member today!

    Please be patient as we grow. We are adding new Businesses and Members every day. Be sure to check the website daily to see what daily deals are available to you and use your Sacramento Area Discount Card to get your awesome discount!

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