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    UPDATE : Now Simply Tap on the Price to Buy the Book!

    NOTE: The app includes only India based online book retailers.

    Did you ever walk into a bookstore wondering how much will the book in your hand cost on online book stores such as Amazon India, Flipkart, Infibeam, Uread or BookAdda? The Scan and Compare Book Prices app let's you scan a book's barcode and gets you prices from top online book vendors instantly. Just tap on the price to buy books online right from your mobile device!

    Search by a keyword and see the search results tagged by a likely price range to help you cut across clutter of many editions of same book priced differently. Simply choose a search result and see the book price from the top eCommerce vendors such as Amazon India, Flipkart, Infibeam, BookAdda and Uread. If you save money using this app, please support by rating it on Play Store!

    Disclaimer: All logos and trademarks used in the app are the property of their respective owners and are for information only. If you are an e-retailer, you are welcome to write to the developer with a request for addition or opt out.

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