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    Shop-n-Save is a simple, intuitive, and fast application to help with your shopping needs. There are 3 screens accessed by swiping the screen. These screens consist of a Shopping or “To Do” list, a Price Comparison Calculator, and a Percent off Calculator.

    Shop-n-Save was designed for speed and ease of use. Calculations are real time (with No “Calculate” buttons). The shopping screen allows you to enter items via the microphone or the keyboard. Simple and intuitive features are incorporated to ensure a pleasant user experience. A minimalistic approach with basic features is the trademark of the app.

    Features of Shop-n-Save;
    • Maintains any kind of list; Shopping, Notes, Reminders, “To Do”, etc
    • Enter items via microphone
    • Add, edit, or delete items
    • Compares price of items (with different quantities and/or units of measure)
    • Highlights less expensive item in Green
    • Large selection of units for items and result
    • Calculates percent off

    Focus on your shopping and day to day activities, not the application. It’s simple; touch the app icon, speak your thought, and select the “+” button.

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