Shopping Basket Free




    Manage your shopping lists

    Feature Overview
    - Multiple shopping lists, wishlist and storeroom
    - Shopping list templates
    - Text and speech input
    - Send lists by e-mail
    - Calculates current total of items while shopping
    - Purchase history, offers a complete overview of past purchases
    - Edit and shopping mode
    - Assign shops to shopping lists
    - Add shopping date to calendar
    - Three different color themes available (dark, light and wallpaper)

    Ads only on start screen

    The app doesn't provide a pre filled database of item names or brands. Instead by entering items in a shopping list your very own database will be filled automatically. So whenever you enter an item the second time you can usually choose the wanted item from a popup window after typing the first one or two characters. Even better if you checked an item off a shopping list previously its related data (price, brand, unit) can be filled in automatically the next time you add the item to a list by using the auto fill button next to the item name input field. After your usual shopping items are in the database entering items to a list becomes very convenient.
    Additionally templates can be used to easily create shopping lists with all the default items included.

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