Shopping List

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    Pro Shopper shopping list app, a must have shopping list application. This version doesn't include any ads.

    Very handy and easy to use with many settings to customize the use. Automatic saving for name suggestions (The more you use, the easier is the use!). Share and export lists and name suggestions.

    * Choose between 6 different color themes
    * Keep screen on (on/off)
    * Show/hide search bar
    * Calculator
    * Sort list items in creation order or alphabetically
    * Vibrate on list click (on/off)
    * Use suggestions
    * Move checked items to the bottom of the list
    * Uncheck all items from the list with one click
    * Change list font size
    * Open last viewed list on startup
    * Orientation lock (auto/landscape/portrait)
    * And many more...

    Please read help before using the application and feel free to send me mail.

    Tags: kari merikanto