Have you ever noticed you have paid the wrong amount after checking your receipt?
    Do you want to keep a budget when shopping?
    Do you want to work with different shopping lists?
    Do you want to save your shopping data and see some statistics?
    Then you might find this App very useful.

    With this App you can build your own shopping database.
    To add your products you can use the barcode scanner or you can select them from your own product list.
    You decide how much information you want to store.
    Once you have stored the product details in your own database you can simply select the product by barcode scanner or by search function to add to your shopping list.
    In case you want to put a new product with barcode into your shopping list you can download it from the ShoppingGuard Online Database (if it is already saved there). This only works if you have internet connection.
    You can work with different shopping lists and use your local stores that you previously have put in.
    When shopping, all you need to do is to check the displayed prices and adjust them in your shopping list.

    ShoppingGuard v1.08:
    - Sorting of lists adjustable
    - Copy shopping list
    - Copy product
    - Import much faster
    - Feedback in import dialog
    - Settings - database reset
    - SpeechToText removed
    - Improvements
    - Bug fixes

    ShoppingGuard v1.07:
    - Statistics product added

    ShoppingGuard v1.06:
    - Search for store in statistics and history
    - Improvements
    - Bug fixes

    ShoppingGuard v1.05:
    - Changes on dialogs for Android 2.3
    - Bug fixes

    ShoppingGuard v1.04:
    - Layout "Input product" changed
    - Bug fixes

    ShoppingGuard v1.03.1:
    - Bug fix

    ShoppingGuard v1.03:
    - Improved search function
    - Show all products for a certain brand/producer
    - Show all products for a certain product category
    - Download suggestion for barcode scanner, free version
    - ...

    ShoppingGuard v1.02:
    - ShoppingGuard Online Database for products with barcode (import and export), which can be deactivated
    - Backup now possible
    - Change of shopping list finalization date now possible
    - Item can be marked as special price
    - Barcode can be typed in manually (EAN_8 and EAN_13)
    - Comment now possible when finalizing shopping list
    - Bug fixes
    - ...

    ShoppingGuard v1.01:
    - English translation
    - Bug fixes

    ShoppingGuard v1.00:
    First Release

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