Simple Shopping List




    The free Simple Shopping List app makes organizing shopping trips easy. Don't get lost during Christmas shopping!

    We want to replace the sheet of paper without trying to be an enterprise resource planning system. Planning your grocery list should be easier than on paper.


    Multiple lite shopping lists

    Have a dedicated simple grocerylist for each store, so you can focus on the groceries that are available in a grocery store. Add, Edit, Delete lists your list administration.

    Filter your shopping list

    To help you focus on the right information at the right time, you can filter between undone articles, done articles or all article.

    Article catalog

    Build your own article catalog on the fly when you fill your shopping list, so planning your next shopping trip is managed in just a few screen touches.

    Sort your articles (once)

    Sort your articles via drag and drop in the order the store is organized, so you can finish your list from top to bottom.
    Next time you add articles to a shopping list, the app will remember the list position and the list will be sorted for all reusesd articles, so you have to sort every article only once.

    Easy Price declaration

    Just type the price with currency in your article (for instance "tomato $1.99") and the app will identify the price and show you the sum of all articles on your grocery list. No seperate dialogs to select a currency and the price. Just the way you would do it on paper, but a little bit smarter.

    Copy, move and delete articles

    Copy and move groceries between grocery lists or simply delete them by pressing a grocery long.

    Sharing of lists

    Easily share your lists in the list administration via email, SMS, ...

    Article import via text file

    Import articles from a simple text file on your device

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