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    Text my loc' app allows sending your location by text message (sms). Use it to meet your friends more easily.

    How does it work?
    User's location is continuously registered while application is opened.
    Once "Share location" button is pressed, Messages application is opened with a pre-filled url which links to the map with a red pin showing your location.
    You can then edit the message (beware to keep the url as it is!) and send it to whom you want to meet.

    Recipients will then receive the text and a click on the link will open the map with your position within recipient's browser.
    Recipients need an internet access to browse to url sent within the message.
    They do not need to download this application.

    For best efficiency:
    - prefer being outside or close to a window,
    - be sure GPS and/or wifi are activated,
    - move away from tall solid masses like buildings to get a better GPS signal,
    - ensure "Accuracy" is low (the lower, the better) before sending the message,
    - ensure "Timestamp" equals to current time, particularly if you are moving,
    - when you do not need application anymore, switch off wifi and GPS to save battery life.

    You can verify estimated location by pressing "Show map" button.

    Text my loc' app uses OpenStreetMap service to show maps.

    Application is available for all phones running Android 2.1 and later releases.

    Each SMS sent is charged according to the contract you signed with your mobile operator.

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