The Towns Connected




    Connecting you to Coupons/Specials From all Your Local Businesses Through: Email, Text Messaging, Mobile Apps, Social Media & More! Coupons, Websites, Menus, Events, Birthday Clubs, Facebook.


    *Categorized location based merchant directory that helps you find local deals of all kinds within your proximity.

    *View details of merchants (Address, Number, Website, About, Map, and Offers)

    *Share Offers found using Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

    *Quick Map to view merchant location or a span of merchant locations and options to get directions to start navigation.

    *Write reviews/feedback and share photos with us.

    *Quick access to Facebook and Twitter Pages.

    *Internal Web Browser for viewing web content.

    *Optional Notifications to get the latest info.

    Update 1.0.2

    *When both location providers are off, a dialog box will open informing you that the app requires a location to function correctly and provides options.

    *If the GPS or Network location provider is enabled, then the splash screen will wait for a location update for up to 10 seconds before alerting you and presenting new options.

    *Implemented auto scrolling text for overflowing text on all headers.

    Update v 1.0.3

    *Fixed Map Bug in Deals section causing other locations to show.

    *Fixed Radius select to scroll better.

    Update v1.0.4

    *Urgent fix for Promo Coupons.

    Update v1.0.5

    *Fix a bug with Radius select not properly setting the Radius.

    *Fixed issue with Top 10 deals getting locked out when coupons refresh in background.

    Update v1.0.6

    *fixed mislabeled areas.

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