Vjezbe AIR 2012




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    This application was developed during the laboratory exercises on the course of Software analysis and development Course at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics (henceforth referred to as FOI).

    Zlatko Stapić, M.A.
    Ivan Švogor, M.A.

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    Application description:
    Vjezbe AIR 2012 is developed during the lectures with the aim to teach students to develop Android application. The application is a geo-location aware application that provides the users with the information about the nearest stores which are part of the particular cashback program. Users can choose program name, put own points of interest and observe the information about the stores. Additionally, users are informed when new store is available along with the compass direction pointing out the direction to the store. Finally, the application contains widget and android service to provide additional functionality.

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