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    XML8100 AM FM Receiver Review

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    Reviews - Dual XML8100 AM/FM Mechless Receiver with iPod Dock, BT Ready, SWI, iPlug, and Remote
    Product reviews and customer ratings for Dual XML8100 AM/FM Mechless Receiver.Read and compare experiences customers have had with Dual XML8100 AM/FM Mechless Receiver.

    Dual Electronics 200-watt mechless AM/FM in-dash Docking Station for iPod and iPhone devices. Securely dock your iPhone or iPod in the dashboard of your car, enjoy the convenience of a “control center” that is right in front of you for easy and quick access from arm’s length and switch easily and safely from iPod to AM/FM mode and the touch of a finger.If you own an iPod touch or an iPhone, you can now safely enjoy all the cool apps in the car - from listening to Internet radio through car speakers while navigating to a destination and exploring an area for places of interest, to locating the best deal on gas, checking movie schedules in the nearest theaters and finding a restaurant for dinner. You don’t need a separate windshield mount, and you won’t drain your batteries. And if you just want to listen to your favorite tunes or audio books from your iPod player, the Docking Station lets you do so safely and easily. It provides a “home” for your iPod in your car, and you can browse your playlists and choose music directly from your iPod menu using the familiar iPod scroll wheel.So check your CDs at the door, as only iPods and iPhones need apply. Stay tuned for news about upcoming accessories for the Docking Station such as apps, a GPS Receiver and a Memory Storage Module with arecording feature that allows you to record music you are listening to on the radio.

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