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    Welcome to 11chat ! !
    It is completely anonymous bulletin board and chat for free
    Usage is super easy! Download now!

    You can use the Group Chat
    Timeline of another language also began

    = About 11chat =
    ☆ registration completed in approximately 11 seconds
    ☆ bulletin board posts disappear in 11 hours
    ☆ Disappear in 11 hours from the start chat
    ☆ people you can chat up to a maximum of 11 people

    = Function of 11chat =
    ■ complete anonymity without any input mail address, phone number, cooperation SNS, such as application ID
    ■ The message will disappear after 11 hours have passed writing
    ■ without any harassment chat because you can not only two consecutive pitching
    ■ Reset the connection with that person 11 hours and there is no chat
    ■ Now, Now is important because there is no search function!
    ■ I would be able to feel free at any time to spare time and spare time

    ♡ new meeting starting at 11chat
    ♡ new story begins 11chat
    ♡ new bonds starting from 11chat
    ♡ new world begins 11chat
    ♡ new me starting from 11chat

    = 11chan is recommended for people who like this =
    ◇ If you I was a little tired, such as Twitter and Facbook
    ◇ who I was tired and KAKAO bulletin board bulletin board LINE
    ◇ person I want to enjoy a little change of pace in
    ◇ If you I will take care of the timing and fate
    ◇ If you want to tell me your feelings is not known to anyone
    ◇ When you are not sleeping and a little spare time

    If I apply to any of the above ...
    11chat is sure to be fun and exciting ♪

    Questions / Contact us from here

    (Recommended application)

    Notes ー
    11chat app is not aimed at the promotion and dating the opposite sex.
    Deletion of the posts, if you make a post that violates these guidelines are the terms and I do stop using and measures.
    Please use carefully read the Terms of Service guidelines.

    ☆Please use the "11chat" person. Certainly it is a search for the keyword of this place!

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