 产品特色
    1. 视频和微博体验的完美融合:发布视频像发布文字图片一样简单,分享视频像分享文字图片一样快速,看视频比看文字图片更真实更丰富精彩!
    2. 9秒拍:拍视频像拍图片一样的简单,全新分镜头拼接的“蒙太奇”拍摄模式,啪啪…9秒搞定,随意取景,不用剪辑,省时省力省流量!
    3. 节省流量:在线视频直播采用世界领先的编解码技术,比手机自带拍摄软件节省90%以上的流量。
    4. 全平台下载,多终端支持:支持iPhone、iPod touch、iPad、Android、电脑等多终端,兼容其它平台。
    5. 即点即看即分享:内嵌视频播放,海量微电影、动画短片、微个唱、各种搞笑原创短片,流畅观看、一键分享!
    6. 高校电视直播:100多家高校电视台,校花校草新主播,第一时间、第一现场在线直播校园新闻、资讯。
    7. 爆料集中营:各种爆料、各种糗事、K歌、搞怪、美女自拍、萌物秀等各种真人真趣事与你共享。
    8. 在线涂鸦:照片涂鸦、素材涂鸦、空白涂鸦,一样的涂鸦,不一样的体验,好玩看的见!

    Shiyouwang ( is a SNS platform connecting your friends and the whole world with videos, based on the cloud storage. Shipinweibo (Video Microblog) is the APP developed by Shiyouwang ( which perfectly combines video with microblog experience.
    APP specialties
     Perfect combination of video and microblog: Posting videos is as easy as posting texts and pictures. Sharing videos is as fast as sharing texts and pictures. Viewing videos is more wonderful than viewing texts and pictures.
     9-second shooting: Shooting videos becomes as easy as shooting pictures. The montage style makes shooting videos much easier without non-linear edition, saving your time, energy and information flow.
     Saving your information flow: mobile live broadcast using the most advanced encoding and decoding technology, saving more than 90% of your information flow.
     All platform downloading, multi-platform supporting: Shipinweibo supports iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, MAC and PC, compatible with other platforms.
     Freely clicking, watching and sharing: Built-in video player provides users plenty of micro films, micro cartoons, micro shows, funny clips, etc., making watching fluently and sharing conveniently!
     College live videos: Fresh hosts from more than one hundred colleges broadcasting latest campus news on air.
     Disclosing camp: Sharing various disclosing, embarrassing moments, KTV, making fun, beauty live and cute shows with you.
     Doodling online: Photo doodling, material doodling, blank doodling -- The same doodling, a different experience, making interest visible!

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