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    Political Activist also known as Baba Ramdev. Ramdev has gained popularity for his teachings of Yoga, Pranayama and political activism on a number of social and medical issues, especially recently with his movement against corruption in India.

    In 2011, Swami Ramdev declared at Bangalore that he will be on hunger strike from June 4, 2011 in Delhi and asked his followers to join his crusade.[20][21] He declared one of the main objective of the movement is to root out the corruption and bring back the black money stashed away in various financial institutions in the country and abroad.
    On May 28, the government set up a panel to suggest steps to curb black money and its transfer abroad, in an apparent bid to placate Ramdev.[22] Afterwards, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wrote to Ramdev and requested him to cancel his fast, but Ramdev refused.[23] He booked Ramlila maidan of Delhi for 1 month in protest of black money and declared 4 June as start date of fast unto death.When Ramdev arrived at Delhi airport on June 1, he was met by four senior ministers of the UPA government, who tried to persuade him about the government's tough stand on corruption.[24] 65,000 followers of the yoga teacher had gathered at Ramlila maidan[25] By noon queues extending up to 3 km from the entry point of Ram Lila Grounds and were seen chanting 'Vande Matram'.In a press conference in the evening Kapil Sibbal made public a letter from Ramdev's camp to call off the hunger strike. Ramdev took it as a betrayal and hardened position.

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