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    Published: 2012-06-19, by .

    AppTo is a social app-discovery application

    • Social approach (Facebook connect)
    • Categories for app discovery (most used, World hot, trending)
    • App of the day
    • Layout should be enhanced

    "What are you AppTo tonight?"

    Google Play has millions of apps. For this reason, there's a need to filter them in order to find out the best apps and games. That's what AppTo claims to do, from a social approach.

    You can sign up the app through Facebook Connect. Actually that's the keystone of the social approach of AppTo: your Facebook friends who are already using AppTo will be added to your friends list. Connecting to friends not on your Facebook list is possible too. All you need to do is: click on the "Share" option from the main screen (top right icon, or menu->share) and send email, sms, facebook message or any other kind of messsage to your contacts. Since then, you'll be able to discover the apps that your friends have and use. Likewise, AppTo shows statistical data of your friends' usage of apps and also helps you to track your own app usage. What's more, you will earn points depending on your individual and social app usage: for example, if your friends install apps after you or if you are the first among your friens to install an app.

    You can also set some apps as favorites, see if there's any update for your apps as well as manage and share your installed apps.

    From home you can see the apps divided by most used, recently installed and trending apps on blogs, Facebook and Twitter. These categories are constantly updated to make easier the process of app discovery.

    The app is set in a simple layout that should be enhanced graphically. For instance, icons in each category could be larger, screenshots of the app could be previewed in the home grid,... In a few words, focus on the scenery. However, navigation through the app is quite intuitive. It's social approach makes the difference. The app is great.

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    Jun 19, 2012


    See what your friends are AppTo - discover trending apps that your friends have and use.

    Google Play Store is full of applications and games – how can you find the best ones for you?
    AppTo is an app-discovery application that lets you discover the best applications that your friends have and use. AppTo shows you statistical data of your friends’ usage of apps and also helps you track your own app usage.
    AppTo also brings you up to date information about trending applications discussed on Twitter and Facebook.
    Anyone can start using AppTo immediately. To enjoy its social advantages connect with your Facebook account to see what is popular among your friends and what applications were recently installed.
    Keep up to date with the global trends and the trending apps in your community.
    Comment on apps and see comments from your friends.
    We keep your privacy – we share only statistical data about your installed apps and apps usage. We will not let anybody (including your friends) know exactly what applications you have, unless you choose to share them.

    - POPULAR - See what is popular among your friends – not only what they have installed but also what they use.
    - HOT - See what applications were lately installed by your friends.
    - MY APPS – follow your personal usage of apps, keep track of application upgrades.
    - FAVES – share your favorite apps. Your friends will be able to see them.
    - FRIENDS – your AppTo community – see who is connected and follow your friends’ favorite apps.
    - TRENDING – AppTo automatically scans popular web sites and social networks (Twitter and Facebook) and lets you see what apps are currently being discussed.
    - BLOGS – AppTo lets you see the top apps lists from popular android blogs (for example: TechCrunch, NYTimes, digitalTrends, MakeUseOf, and others).
    - POINTS – get AppTo points by using AppTo and being a trend leader in your community. Get points for: being the first among your friends to install an app, having your friends install apps after you, publishing your favorites and having friends in AppTo.
    - App details – enter app details to see its global usage and usage in your community. See how many friends have it and how many of them used it in the last 30 days.
    - Download from Google Play – from app details page, enter Google Play and download the apps you choose.
    - Discuss – add comments on apps and reply to comments by your friends. See what apps are currently being discussed in your community in the Apps Discussions list (More->Friends).

    - If you choose not to connect with Facebook or don’t have a Facebook account, you can still invite friends to your AppTo community: From main screen, click menu and “Invite”. Enter your name and send an email to your friends. When they will install AppTo and click on the link in the email, you will be connected.
    - If you wish to ignore some of the displayed apps, just swipe your finger over them or long click and choose ignore.
    - You can see ignored apps by changing the settings.
    - By default AppTo will not display the apps that you already have. You can change it from the settings and see how popular your apps are as well.
    - Popular and Hot lists in the main screen are initially based on the usage of the entire AppTo community. After you connect with Facebook it will be based upon your friends’ usage data.
    - For additional information see

    Contact us at any time at:

    By installing AppTo you agree to the terms of service that are described on

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