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    **PLEASE NOTE: BARGAINecho offers a brand new service and currently strong in a select number of cities. We'll be expanding to more cities soon! Download our app now, and let your local business owners know how much you would like them to join as well.

    It's totally free, and you never have to pay upfront to get a bargain.

    With the BARGAINecho Android app, you can:

    - Discover and redeem deals directly from your phone
    - Rate merchants and make comments about their real deal value
    - Keep track of your latest savings
    - Never pay for a deal upfront before you arrive to the point-of-sale

    The BARGAINecho mobile app also allows users to:

    - Share the greatest deals with social networks
    - Accumulate reward points after each echo and redeem them for special offers

    It's easy to save! See how it all works (in 90 seconds) via

    Here's how it works:
    - Discover the best deals in town through your mobile devices
    - Echo the desired bargains to your social networks at the point of sale
    - Get the advertised discounts applied to your purchases right away
    - Earn rewords based on how many people discovers the same bargain from your echo

    If you have a smart phone, you should have no excuses for not shopping smarter. The very best deals are not offered for those window shoppers, they are always reserved for a select group of customers who can bring in more customers.

    Now those great bargain hunters are offered to have even better discounts if they share their best bargains with the rest of us. Merchants are offering their best deals only for those who are willing to tell their friends about them. Looking to feature your business on BARGAINecho? Contact us at

    We want to hear from you! Email your questions to

    We cannot answer you in the comments. With any request or suggestions please contact us directly at or 707-404-ECHO

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