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    Barhopps is a Social Network for people who like to go to bars, restaurants and events. Keep in touch with friends while staying updated on what is happening around you. Access real time information of specials, bars, events, comps (free or discounted items), taxi companies, and friends locations.
    Full features and instructions include:
    •Users can create an account from the app or from
    •Search: Search for bars, Dj’s, bands, and friends
    •Barfeed: Shows bars and restaurants in your chosen area for the current date. You can change dates, location, bar type, or view barhopps featured bars by selecting the menu options. Each bar listed, will display a listing that includes the bar name, picture, number of events, specials, comps, friends currently at the bar, and total barhopps members at the bar. The icons indicate what accommodations exist at the location - such as: no smoking, dress code, late night food, outdoor area, multiple bars. By selecting any of the bars shown you will view the bars detail page, where you can add the bar as a favorite, view the bars location on a map, view and select bars URL and phone number, view cover charges, drink or food specials, events, comps, members here, and friends here. By selecting the specials, events, comps, or friends, you will be able to view them in a detailed list. 

    •Dashboard & Wall: Create a post in the dashboard by selecting “Whats on your mind…”, or you can update your overall status by posting your message in the “Status” field. This message will stay on your website profile until you create a new Status. To post and view comments on the dashboard and wall select the “Comment” button below the post.

    •Hopps: Used to view, create, and attend events. Once your event is created you can select it to invite friends.

    •Media: Upload, view and share pictures, view videos, and listen to music.

    •Call a Cab: View a list of taxi companies in our directory. If no companies are listed you will be given the option to search the web for taxis companies near you.

    •Checkpoints: View or post checkpoints and/or accidents in your area.

    •Swap: Exchange friend requests and/or phone numbers with other users. 
Works only in close proximity to the other app user (about 200ft). 
To use, select Swap and select the type of exchange you wish to do. The other user must do respond to this as well within 1 minute of you completing your action. The app will display any other users using this function an you can select the user you wish to exchange your info with.
    Note: to exchange phone #’s with others you must have your number entered into your profile on the site. If you did not do this at registration, you may use the site to add it to your profile.

    •Friends: View friend’s profiles, location, pictures, and friends. Accept friend requests. 

    •Notifications: This acts as a double function that will notify you of comps that are available at a bar/restaurant near you, as well as other general notifications.

    To pick up a comp that is displayed, select the one you want only when you are ready to redeem it. Show the waiter or bartender, select ok to redeem the comp.

    •Messages: Send, Receive and Reply to intra site e-mail. 

    •Settings: Change between Automatic and Check before updating of your location as well as turning Notifications on/off.

    Barhopps apps work with the website. Users can edit their profile information and change privacy settings from the website. We are a new site and we are constantly adding new bars, restaurants, and cab companies.
    We currently have listings in Lancaster, Reading, Wyomissing, Fleetwood, York, and Allentown, Pa. If there is a business you would like to see listed, please let us know at: or if you just have idea, need help or have feedback please contact us at:

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