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    Your Facebook posting app when you are down the pub and perhaps had a drink or two. We have all posted something on Facebook we have regretted, introducing Beer Bro. Beer bro is not designed to stop you posting when drunk but just to have your back, be your wing man, stop you from getting the evil eyes the next morning as you walk into the office or even just down to breakfast.

    Beer Bro knows what it’s like to post on Facebook when you are in the pub and not in the office the next day or in the pub and supposed to be in the office. We have introduced your Drunk Group, giving you the choice of who gets to see your drunken Facebook posts; don’t want the boss to find out? Simply remove them from your Drunk Group using Beer Bro and they will never see your posts from the pub again.

    Turn on Beer Bro security and you need to answer the questions correctly or you’re not getting in. We don't want to ban all drunken Facebook posts - but if you want that little bit of extra security to avoid the end of the night drunken posts then turn on Beer Bro Security. This security feature will ask you 3 random questions before allowing you to post - What is the capital of France? What's 32 - 17? You can work it out when sober but it’s not so easy when you have spent the night in the pub. Answer all 3 questions and Beer Bro will allow you to update your Facebook. It’s optional - you can switch it off or on.

    Where’s the next pub? So picture the scene, you’re in the pub your posting to Facebook through Beer Bro and you’re ready to move on for the night, no need for a separate app - just use the built in pub finder. See all the pubs close to you, find out where they are and move on to the next pub.

    Choose to check in to the pub or maybe even the local gym when of course you are actually still in the pub.
    Give your Facebook friends the heads up that some drunken posts may be on their way with the safety message feature. Choose from one of the built in messages or add your own and this will follow any status update when posted through Beer Bro.

    Use the special Beer Bro camera feature which puts the Beer Bro stamp on your drunken photos, but don’t worry only the friends ticked on your Beer Bro Drunk Group will see the photos.

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