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    Best Man's Wedding Speech

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    Weddings are one of the most important events in a person’s life. It is a day that marks a union of two souls into one, where the couple takes vows and binds their love for each other. The wedding day is magical and special, ad the feeling that the couple to be married go through, is completely out of the world. Preparation for this day begins weeks and months prior to the big day.

    Both the bride and groom’s special friends are mostly appointed to fulfill each and every responsibilities and preparations. Like the bride has her bride’s maids and maid of honor to support, and help her through it all, the groom has groom’s men and his Best Man. They are the ones who take all the responsibilities. There is no doubt that being a Best Man is usually the groom’s best friend. But in some cases he can also be the person who is close to him. He plays a very vital role for making the wedding a success.

    He is like an anchor, who keeps the sailing ship in place, like the captain of a ship, directing and maintaining schedules and plans. He is like glue that sticks till the end. The Best Man is given the responsibility of making the wedding speech. So, he must put in a lot of effort to make the best speech for the success and get applauded too. This is no normal or regular speech; it has to be an Oscar winning speech. All eyes would be glued to you and your speech would make the groom look good, so you can’t afford to lose on that, at least!

    A wedding speech goes along with the toast to the newly weds. The speech does not mean a lecture, so stick to short and meaningful one. Take maximum of 2 minutes and not more than that because people are more eager to see the first dance of the newly weds, eat the cake and enjoy the champagne. You don’t want to bore them with your long speech, and lectures are not meant for the occasion.

    The speech of the best man is an important part of any wedding ceremony, and is remembered for years after the special day is over. The speech traditionally is meant to honor the groom but you should not forget the bride and congratulate them together. As a best man, you have been given the position of distinction of honor and responsibility. These speeches are also known as toasts and you should make efforts to prepare them in advance.

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