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    The application is a social network of linking users to profile affinities as well as by proximity using geolocation which is updated from time to time foreground and background, so can be turned off same update for not using battery.
    Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

    The distinguishing factor and that the most relevant we will be focused is the compatibility between users, which is shown as a % of affinity calculated from the profile information entered by each user. Also note that the operation is completely passive, using push notifications to make it as comfortable as possible for the user by simply having to wait to receive a match notification.

    Users, once connected, can fill out their profile with a comprehensive questionary data, with particular emphasis on the personal nature. They may also complete certain search criteria to match with others.

    The system will be assigned a common ground on certain criteries, to find similar users in hobbies, tastes, etc ...
    The application can run in active mode (leading to a search when the user requests it) or passive (giving notifications when a match is found close to the user by geolocation).

    In any case, the application returns a list of matches on a map with which the user can interact through internal messages.


    Undoubtedly we are immersed in the information society, culture and immediacy of knowledge, through the established social networks we have access and be accessible to the whole world. Bhoove born with a conviction and a clear attempt to bring order to this chaos.

    After having stated this pretentious claim let us explain ourselves. In the ocean of possibilities offered by social networks, it may seem impossible to be critical and selective in the search. The main mission of Bhoove is establishing personal compatibility through a list of priorities taking into account who you are and what you might be interested in.

    Nobody can dispute that we are sailing in the possibilities that technology offers us, but we must go one step beyond, polish the existing, evolving and clearly heading to our aspirations.

    How many people can be around and never know who might join or set up our lives in a meaningful way? Perhaps the person you share more hobbies lives across the street or our future love coincides on the subway every day without being aware of it.

    Our time and effort in the hurried society we live worth more each day. We will provide the means and possibilities, use them as you think best.

    The message is clear: stop looking to find...

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