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    Nothing can heal your heart like the word of God.

    Do you feel depressed? At the end of all energy? Do you need some hope?

    It’s terrible days that we seem to be living in: the stress related to our jobs, the never-ending juggle between our families and our career, the frightening things we hear on TV everyday. It’s no wonder we feel like we’ve reached the bottom of the well! Still, we must remember that there’s someone out there who ALWAYS takes care of us if we have faith in Him. God, our Father, is merciful and generous with us and we should be thankful for every little gift He makes us.

    ‘Those bible quotes from Matthew always touch my heart!’ - A. Webster

    This app will help you remember why you are here. It will remind you how many beautiful gifts God has already made for us, human beings. It will help you remember that your faith in God will help you in times of trouble.

    With this app in your pocket you will never be sad anymore.

    Why? Because you will KNOW what a blessed person you are for having received the word of God. You will ALWAYS remember that He is right there to help you when you need Him. You will have the power to be a TRUE Christian!

    It is in hard times that God puts us to trial. With enough trust in His powers, we can overcome anything though. And the Bible is there to set an example: so many famous biblical figures (from Abraham and King David to Israel and further on) have told their stories in the Bible so that we may have a place to find our answers… Nobody said being a true Christian was going to be easy. But the reward that awaits us is beyond our imagination. And it isn’t us who says that. It is written in the Bible! Let us say prayers of thanksgiving to our Lord for it is through Him that all the good things happen!

    We are human, therefore we are flawed. Sometimes, we need someone or something to remind us how great is God in his mercy towards us. After all, he gave us the chance to salvation by sacrificing His Son, Jesus Christ. We need to remember that every day we wake up, and we need to have His example of AMAZING love in our hearts for all the days of our lives. Yes, we are sinful and greedy and mean. But we can change! God gave us that chance! God gave us the possibility to become better people through His word, the Bible, through prayers and through His Church. Let us not waste another minute, for the End of Times might be nearer than we expect it, and His Judgment will be just. What will YOU choose? Heaven or Hell?

    The Mayan calendar has predicted 2012 to be The End of the World. IS the Apocalypse coming, though? Can the End of Times be predicted with such accuracy? Maybe not. It is only God the Almighty who knows when that day comes. We can only be prepared with our hearts pure and with our trust in His Ways. We can only join our hands in prayer and let Him decide when the Second Coming will be.

    Do you want to feel better about yourself? Do you want to know what TRUE happiness is? Do you want to learn more about SINCERE, HONEST love? What are you waiting for? The Bible is the best spiritual education you could ever get.

    Bible study DOES make us better Christians. More than that, it makes us better people. Going to church DOES help us and prayers WILL be listened when our belief in God is for real.

    Download today and let God’s blessings enter your heart, your home and your life!

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