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    This is the perfect wing-man, giving you clinical advice whether you are old, young, boy, girl, straight or gay. BootyScore works out the desirability of your friends and colleagues as boyfriend/girlfriend or one-night-stand material.

    With this app’ you can select the people you want to consider from your contacts list. When imported you are asked to rate them on four set criteria and then you can add your own personal genre all be it as innocent as ‘smile’ or as risqué as ‘performance’!
    Once complete, you can compare how you have scored your friends and colleagues against the ratings given by your other friends on their phones. You can do specific searches if you want to elevate certain criteria on a whim. Say a girl fancies a date with a guy who is wealthy tonight, or a guy is craving anyone he know with a great rack, then a specific search will produce a list of the most eligible candidates.

    Sometimes, however, they can tick all the boxes, but they are total nut jobs full of emotional baggage, so we have added an additional ‘Bunny Boiler’ button to adjust a persons’ rating accordingly. This will help maintain the integrity of your BootyScores.

    Finally, if all else fails: it’s late, you’re drunk, you’re horny and not so picky anymore. What do you do? We have it covered with our emergency PANIC BUTTON which says: “Press here to lower standards”. At this point your new best friend will select those still likely to be single and as desperate as you are at this time of the night.

    You can use this app’ seriously or just as a bit of fun, make your friends laugh, or maybe surprise yourself as it selects 'The One' for you that you had never previously considered. Is he Mr Right, or just for tonight? Let your phone make the decision – they are called Smart Phones for a reason you know.
    Password protection
    Four preset qualities to score
    Pick the fifth yourself
    Quick search facility
    Panic Button!
    Suitable for all genders and tastes
    Add personal notes
    Bunny Boiler feature

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