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    CallJuggler - Puts you in control of your phone

    We all have information on our phones that we don’t want certain people to see. And there are often occasions when there are particular calls or messages that are especially inconvenient or embarrassing. CallJuggler provides the perfect solution.

    Situation 1

    It’s the weekend and the last thing you want while you’re off is a constant stream of calls from the office. Simply activate CallJuggler and you won’t hear a peep from work. If you actually start missing work you can always deactivate CallJuggler and all office calls and messages you missed will come flooding back instantly.

    Situation 2

    Your girlfriend or boyfriend has a habit of looking through your phone. Naturally you don’t want her/him to see any details of all your lovers. Simply tag your lovers and all record of them completely disappears - call logs, contact details, messages, the whole caboodle. You won’t be disturbed by your tagged contacts either - it’s as if they never existed - until you’re ready to take their calls and messages or access their details privately.

    When activated, CallJuggler stores everything related to your private contacts in a secure area of your phone’s memory that only you can access via your 6 digit passcode. It’s simple, but brilliant, and a huge weight off your mind!

    CallJuggler is a security and privacy application for businesses and casual users enabling them to split confidential business or personal contacts from all others so that all activity around such contacts is highly private and secure. The application allows users to manage confidentiality of calls and SMS messages.

    CallJuggler allows you to 'Tag' contacts from your phones contacts list. All logs and messages related to the tagged contacts are detached and stored in a private area of the phone. CallJuggler hides all tagged contacts, so that the tagged contacts do not appear in the normal ‘Contacts’ or ‘Address Book’ lists. When a contact is tagged, the privacy features are activated: incoming calls are suppressed (so your phone does not ring when a tagged contacts calls you); the incoming call is logged in the secure private area so it does not appear on your normal call logs; incoming SMS messages are diverted to the secure area to be viewed in privacy at your convenience).
    To view private contacts, messages and logs, the user simply enters a personal security code to access the application dashboard from where all details can be viewed and application settings can be changed.
    Switching CallJuggler off restores all contacts, messages and call logs to normal behaviour.


    Tag Contacts from Address book

    Activating CallJuggler will hide tagged contacts from contact list and store them in a private area of memory; deactivating application will make them reappear on your contacts list.

    Hides incoming and outgoing calls from logs for all tagged contacts

    Suppresses all audible rings and beeps of incoming calls and messages from tagged contacts

    Runs invisibly in the background and does not show up on the application list or the application history for complete privacy.

    IMPORTANT: To protect your privacy all tagged material (contacts etc) will be deleted if you uninstall the application. Please restore all tagged material to your phone memory by untagging them before uninstalling this application.
    IMPORTANT: To protect your privacy this application is hidden. To open this application dial ###456. This is the default password. Please change this on first use.

    IMPORTANT: If updating from a previous version please un-tag, clear and re-tag your contacts to ensure continued privacy.

    IMPORTANT: The app will only be visible when the password is dialed.

    Once you have tried this app feel free to contact us on email at ( to let us know what do you like in this app. Any suggestions for new features or design are also welcomed. Your feedback is very valuable to us.

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